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About Us

WellyPutt is NZ’s newest and most epic mini-golf experience. Featuring never before seen hole designs that utilize mechanical and interactive components to create an unforgettable mini-golf adventure. 


With 16 holes of incredible and challenging obstacles to PUTT even the most seasoned mini-golfer to the test. WellyPutt is the HOLE package!


WellyPutt is an all ages activity for players of 8 years and up. Ideal for birthdays, family events, date night or a mate’s get together. With a well-stocked temperance bar to provide the best low and non-alcoholic refreshments for the team from a range of local breweries and providers. 

Meet the Team

We designed and manufactured the entire course in-house, with the help of a skillful, resourceful and good vibe team.

We are a group of fanatics specialized in creating enchanted worlds of tactile challenges and quality entertainment in friendly and safe environments. 
If you have ever played an escape room by Escape Mate, you might recognize us. We are the people behind Escape Mate too.

WellyPutt is our latest project and there will be more to come. 

Doing Our Bit

WellyPutt prides itself on using recycled materials wherever possible, using reclaimed timber to create the epic structures, turning cardboard into mind-blowing, immersive set-design and even using pre-loved golf balls to play through a one-of-a-kind, 16 hole mini golf experience. 


We also support local establishments and providers at our well-stocked temperance bar so the team can enjoy the best quality refreshments from all around the Wellington area. 

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